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Bhagwad Gita chapter 6 shloka 17.
"Yukaharaviharasya yuktachestasya karmasu
Yuktasvapnavabodhasya yoga bhavati duhkhaha"

" The one, whose diet and movements are balanced, whose actions are proper, whose hours of sleeping and waking up are regular and who follows the path of meditation is the destroyer of pain or unhappiness"


"To be the first and best trusted team for serving and educating the disability in you".


Dr. V.K .Kannan

Dr. V.K .Kannan [Ayurveda] and Dr. K. Leelavathy [Homeopathy] started a clinic named ‘ARYA VAIDYAM’ in Kunnathur, Erode district during 1950’s they dedicated their life time for patient care and it was their heartful desire too. They was always ahead of times and strived for excellence in all endeavours. Their goal and principles are now followed by Dr. Kalpana who has completed B.N.Y.S. [Naturopathy and yogic science] in JSSINYS college. Following their pathway Dr. Kalpana started a small clinic on 23rd Jan 2015. After initiation of efforts NAVA HOSPITAL was established on 1st June 2017.


Dr. K. Leelavathy

NAVA is derived from Sanskrit word ‘Nava’ which means ‘NEW’. In NAVA HOSPITAL we consider that it is our prime responsibility to provide good care for all the patients and cure them. We help them in improving their immune system and suggest lifestyle changes to make their health healthier.